Sunday, November 23, 2014

Medicare Will Save Money & Improve Health by Covering Group Exercises, Like Silver Sneakers ----petition by Dwight Hines

Petition by Dwight Hines

To be delivered to Medicare Reimbursement System
Dear Medicare Decision Makers:
Repeated studies of the effect of exercise on Alzheimer's, injuries due to falls, and many other physical ailments have not caused Medicare to cover group exercising, like Silver Sneakers. We are signing this petition to Medicare in recognition of the excellent research they are conducting (AHRQ) AND to let them know not to ignore the beneficial effects of exercise, benefits so real and established that Medicare needs to pay the costs. Some insurance companies do cover the cost of exercise completely but most do not and will not until Medicare pays for it. Reimbursing those who exercise in a group program is a necessary first step in increasing the numbers of people exercising.

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