Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WHO advisory admits coughing and sneezing can spread Ebola

Lizzie Bennett 

Underground Medic
October 8th, 2014
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Wartime poster from the Ministry of Health
I am getting dozens of emails a day concerning Ebola. No surprise about that, but the vast majority are concerned with airborne transmission. In short, as many have said already, and as I have said repeatedly getting sneezed on by someone with active symptoms of Ebola is not advisable.
ALL body fluids are infected, that includes the respiratory droplets emitted when a person sneezes and any sputum thrown out when they cough or sneeze. Body fluids also include breast milk and tears. Here’s what the World Health Organization says about it:
The Ebola virus can also be transmitted indirectly, by contact with previously contaminated surfaces and objects. The risk of transmission from these surfaces is low and can be reduced even further by appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures.
Not an airborne virus
Ebola virus disease is not an airborne infection. Airborne spread among humans implies inhalation of an infectious dose of virus from a suspended cloud of small dried droplets.
This mode of transmission has not been observed during extensive studies of the Ebola virus over several decades.
Common sense and observation tell us that spread of the virus via coughing or sneezing is rare, if it happens at all. Epidemiological data emerging from the outbreak are not consistent with the pattern of spread seen with airborne viruses, like those that cause measles and chickenpox, or the airborne bacterium that causes tuberculosis.
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