Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sick passenger investigated for Ebola at Newark airport

The queasy passenger — who a law enforcement source said had been vomiting — and his daughter, who appeared to be about 10 years old, were fitted with surgical masks and were walked off United Airlines Flight 998 by CDC personnel in white hazmat uniforms.

The father and daughter, whose names were not released, remained in quarantine last night at University Hospital in Newark, the law enforcement source said.

The father had been outfitted from neck to toe in his own hazmat suit, his face still masked, by the time he was wheeled into the hospital’s trauma center.

The CDC and the hospital were releasing no information on the father’s condition as of early Saturday evening.

The remaining passengers aboard the United Airlines flight 998 were held on the Boeing 777-200 twin engine jet for about two hours, then were taken off and questioned for another couple of hours before being allowed through customs, multiple fliers told The Post.

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