Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Second Ebola Case Suspected In Dallas: “This Is Real”

Mac Slavo

Less than 24 hours after thefirst US-based Ebola infectionwas confirmed in Dallas, TX it is being reported that another individual who had contact with Patient Zero is now in strict isolation and being tested for possible infection.
Dallas health officials are now monitoring another person who they fear may have Ebola after coming into contact with the infected man currently being treated in Dallas, Texas.
“Let me be real frank to the Dallas County residents: the fact that we have one confirmed case, there may be another case that is a close associate with this particular patient,” Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson said Wednesday in an interview with local ABC affiliate WFAA. “So this is real.”

“There should be a concern, but it’s contained to the specific family members and close friends at this moment.”
According to a developing story linked via Drudge Report, there is a serious possibility that school-aged children have been exposed to the first infected individual. Those children are also being monitored for the virus in isolation units.
Contagion model researchers have previously warned that Ebola was only a plane ride away and that it could potentially infect hundreds of thousands of people in coming weeks and months, and millions by next year. Now it’s here and the American public has no real idea of the extent of the exposure.

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