Thursday, October 16, 2014

Red Death: Ebola has broken out in Guatemala, Central America

I have been informed from a private but totally reliable source in Guatemala that a male from the Congo is hospitalized with Ebola in the IGSS Hospital in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

I am told that the authorities are in a panic as they do NOT have any facility capable of handling Level 4 Bio-hazards.  

There has been a news embargo of this story.  

It is unknown just how many people that this patient has been in contact with in Guatemala or his route to Central America from Africa.  

It was only this week ~ link ~ that USMC four-star General John Kelly, who heads America's Southern Command, said in reference to Ebola in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, that "If it breaks out, it's literally, 'Katie bar the door' " if the Ebola Pandemic hits Central America.  He also said, "And there will be mass migration into the United States.  They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment."

It is imperative that the southern US Border be sealed with three or four US Army/Army Reserve/National Guard divisions.  It is further imperative that all persons traveling from west Africa be prevented from entering any other nation!

A doctor in Liberia, Dr. Gabriel Logan, in Tubmanburg (north of the capital, Monrovia) discovered a likely cure for the disease ~ link to this story.  Out of desperation he used a drug that he had in his pharmacy, Lamivudine, which is an antiviral medicine normally used to treat Hepatitis B and HIV, on Ebola patients.  He had remarkable results, 13 out of 15 patients with Ebola have survived after the treatment with Lamivudine!!!  This story is NOT being reported by the mainstream news media!!!  

The bottom line is that we are losing control of events.  Almost two weeks ago, the UN experts said that we had perhaps a month to get Ebola under control or it would control us.  

We need to get very serious very quickly about global containment of this doomsday virus and we need to do immediate follow-ups on using Lamivudine (brand name: Epivir) as a treatment for Ebola.  Additionally, we need to look at various natural and/or outside-the-Big-Pharma-box treatments including intravenous Vitamin C. 

If we do not act quickly and with efficiency we will likely see the Christmas shopping season ended early as panic and lock-downs spread throughout the globe.  

Tim Earl of Stirling

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