Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MEET THE CANDIDATES! --- by Larry Fillmore

Last night, the three candidates running for the Town Council provided the people of Lisbon with their ideas and agendas.  The three candidates running for the one seat on the Town Council are Liza Ward; Dean Willey and Dale James Crafts.  Of the three, there is only one taxpayer who owns property and that is Dean Willey.  The other two do not own property or pay real estate taxes in Lisbon.

I do not want to spoil it for anyone, so I encourage everyone to watch the video of “meet the candidate’s night”.  I am not sure exactly what night it will be aired but it will appear on the Town web site.  Please, before you go to the polls to vote review the video and see which candidate makes the best impression on you.   My personal opinion is that Dean Willey stands out as the best candidate.

Lisa Ward has been a Councilor for three years and during that time our taxes went up every year.  I live on a fixed income and cannot stand for my taxes to continue to rise.  Councilor Ward refused to address or entertain any cuts to the Police Department’s budget.  In my opinion, there are several areas of the Police Department budget that needed to be cut and Councilor Ward refused to consider any of them.

Dale Crafts is an excellent young man who is inexperienced and during these tough financial times would be lost.  Dale Crafts needs to attend council meetings and get to know how the local government works.  I know that his father was once a Councilor but it is not the same.

Dean Willey is the candidate that will get my vote for Councilor.

Larry Fillmore

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