Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jakarta International School: Teachers and staff at top international school accused of raping students as young as five

A respected Indonesian college where rich UK expatriates send their children is embroiled in a major scandal involving claims of sexual abuse by staff of pupils as young as five. Marie Dhumieres in Jakarta reports

Sunday 26 October 2014

Cleaners gang-raping children in school toilets; teachers sexually abusing students while the kindergarten principal videotapes; secret rooms; dodgy office renovations; school cover-ups. This, some parents allege, is what has been taking place at one of Asia’s most renowned schools, the Jakarta International School (JIS), in the past year.

The row started in March, when the parents of a then five year-old boy asked for an emergency meeting with the head of school. Their son had been raped by several cleaning employees in one of the school bathrooms, they claimed.

Thomas and Ria (their names have been changed) say they first suspected something was wrong with their son when he started having nightmares in which he screamed “Please don’t hurt me, please let me go.” He was also aggressive, he wet himself at school, “because he was scared to go to the toilets.” His mother says she discovered bruises on her son’s stomach and anus. He eventually told them what had happened.

Their son underwent medical examination – the forensics report, which was shown to The Independent by the school shows he had contracted proctitis, an infection of the rectum. An anoscopy also revealed pus and lesions.

The school says they had agreed with the parents to keep the case confidential to protect the child, and were surprised when Thomas and Ria shared the details with other parents, and then organised a press conference, to reveal what had happened. Thomas and Ria say they weren’t satisfied with the response of school officials, who they say had advised them against reporting the assault to the police.

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