Sunday, October 19, 2014

High School Student, Forced to the Ground at Gun Point, in his own yard, for Not Wearing Seat Belt

By Matt Agorist on October 18, 2014

Despite having this negative experience, Merritt has managed to find a light in the darkness. He plans on starting a mentoring program to teach kids of all races to know and understand their rights.

Waycross, GA — High school senior and community role model, Montre` Merritt’s life was forever changed the night he was thrown to the ground and held at gun point in his own driveway by an overzealous police officer.

On January 18, Merritt was pulling into his driveway when a Waycross police officer pulled up behind him and jumped out of his cruiser, pistol drawn.

Merritt was then forced to the ground with the gun pointed at his head, and handcuffed.

Hearing the commotion in the front yard, Merritt’s mother came outside. She asked the officer why her son was lying on the ground in cuffs with a gun pointed at him, and the officer told her that Merritt was driving without his seat belt on.

Immediately following this ridiculous excessive force and violation of rights, Merritt filed a complaint with the Waycross police department.

According to the chief of the department, Officer Cory Gay was found guilty of using excessive force, and he was suspended for five days without pay. Gay was then ordered to take Judgmental Use of Force Training. But Merritt’s family said that’s not enough and Thursday they filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the department.

Merritt, who is now in college, says he cannot believe that this happened to him.

Merritt opened up to News 4, saying, “Coming from me being a huge role model in my community, to see my mom witness that. That was one of the most painful things I could ever imagine for her,” he said. “The pain that I still feel. The tears that I still cry. Everything is just real in reality. I have to wake up with this on my heart and on my mind every day, and it hurts.”

Merritt said he still has flashbacks from the incident.


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