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Woman Pays Cash For Home, Misses One Tax Payment, And County Seizes It

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Woman Pays Cash For Home, Misses One Tax Payment, And County Seizes ItA Michigan woman and her three children apparently will lose their home because of only one missed property tax payment, even though the woman bought the house with cash and owns it.
The local government is refusing to back down, saying it sent several overdue tax notices to her, but the woman says all those letters went to banks or a title company and she never received them.
“To take my $164,000 house over less than $2,000, yeah I would say that’s extremely excessive,” Deborah Calley told West Michigan TV station Fox 17.
Kalamazoo County foreclosed on Calley’s home because she missed one property tax payment in 2011. She made the payments for 2012 and 2013 and told Channel 17 that she is willing to make up for the missed payment.
“When I paid the taxes in 2012 right there in Richland, no one said, ‘Oh, well you still owe money for 2011,’” Calley said. “So, I didn’t really have a clue. I thought I was right on time.”
The situation is a nightmare because everything Calley has is tied up in the house in Richland Village, Michigan. She bought the house for cash, and she and her children moved in it after a car accident in 2008. The accident left Calley with brain damage and unable to drive. The home is within walking distance of schools and the grocery store.
“When you have sunk your whole life savings and your whole family’s future into a piece of property, it shouldn’t be able to go away over less than $2,000,” Calley said.
If the foreclosure goes through, the county can sell the home at auction, and Channel 17 reported that the county has already received an $80,000 bid. The county — not Calley — would get that money.
“I’m beginning to think this is about the money,” Calley said.
County Isn’t Budging
The county says it followed the law.

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