Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers Outed for Sexual Assault

Amanda Warren

Activist Post

Recently, a string of Oklahoma law enforcement officers have been outed for untold numbers of female sexual assault victims at their hands while on duty. Some lurid details appear in this Associated Press story .

Have you seen the picture on the right floating around online? Were you shocked by it like I was? While it doesn't accurately depict exactly what was said, except for the words inside quotes, it is indeed the underlying message.

Actually, it's much, much worse than that if you view the news segment it was taken from. Here below we have not only Captain George Brown's comments on protecting oneself from sexual assault by cops, but a news segment with tips - subtly suggesting that women should get used to the idea of potential rape while interacting with police.

In this video is a segment with the display box stating for female viewers: Interacting with Law Enforcement - How to Be Comfortable and Safe.


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