Sunday, September 14, 2014

unmarked choppers raid and destroy grower’s medical marijuana crops in NorCal



MENDOCENO COUNTY, Cali. — Dressed in full combat camouflage fatigues, masked men, speculated to be working for Lear Asset Management, were spotted repelling out of an unmarked black helicopter destroying medical marijuana crops on a woman’s legal farm, reports say. Although it’s currently unknown why company employees would be operating in a stealthy manner as reported by eye witnesses. Moreover, local law enforcement is remaining pretty quiet about the raids themselves.
KPIX 5 reported:
Lear Asset Management’s president Paul Trouette turned down KPIX 5’s request for an interview, but said Lear had nothing to do with the raid on Susan’s garden.
So we asked Mendocino County’s sheriff, Tom Allman. “The sheriff’s department doesn’t hire any private security to go out and do our job,” he said.
Allman said his deputies have conducted some recent raids, including several in Susan’s area on the day she was hit. But he says his guys wear badges and clearly identify themselves.
“So are they seeing things?” We asked him. “Or is it just the fact that they are mistaken?”
“I think there are some people who may become paranoid this time of year,” he said.
But Schindler has another theory: Whoever is behind it, she believes she’s an easy target. “I think they tried to find places where they saw nobody, I think they tried to find places where they would not be confronted with guns.”

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