Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The US Senators That Want to Send off Your Kids to Fight and Die in the Ukraine

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From 'Diaper Dave' Vitter, who liked to visit brothels and have the prostitute dress him in a baby's diaperfor their sessions, to being listed several times by CREW as the most corrupt Senator in DC--now that's something--to Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, an avowed Israeli-Firster who never misses a chance to smooch Jew ass, there's quite an assembly of the most corrupt, sordid, pathetic and loathsome Senators just dying to get our children dying in the Ukraine, to prop up the corrupt Jew oligarchs that were installed into power by American traitors who's first allegiance is to Wall Street and Israel.

And the two sleaziest US Senators, 'Jihadist' John McCain and the vile Lindsey Graham.

The act is called the "S.2277 - Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014," which basically puts the US into position to wage a ground battle against Russia, which would shortly escalate into a nuclear war, but what the hell, it's for a good cause, to keep the American petrodollar as the world's currency so the Wall Street 'Too Big to Fail' banks don't go bankrupt, now wouldn't that be a shame.

Brought to the floor by Sen. Corker, Bob [R-TN]. Corker is no slouch when it comes to being corrupt, like the shenanigans surrounding his not-so-blind trust. And always looking out for his constituents, Corkerfought successfully against allowing Americans to buy cheaper Canadian drugs, which would allow them to save money spent on health care. Way to go Bob!

Of course, when you have corruption, you'll have a solid friend of Israel, like Bobby is, isn't that cute?

Here's the roll call!


Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY]* 
Sen. Ayotte, Kelly [R-NH]* 
Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND]* 
Sen. Blunt, Roy [R-MO]* 
Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL]* 
Sen. McCain, John [R-AZ]* 
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]* 
Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC]* 
Sen. Kirk, Mark Steven [R-IL]* 
Sen. Barrasso, John [R-WY]* 
Sen. Risch, James E. [R-ID]* 
Sen. Coats, Daniel [R-IN]* 
Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS]* 
Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]* 
Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]* 
Sen. Alexander, Lamar [R-TN]* 
Read more http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/02/homeland-security-department-prevent-terrorism-busy-arming-cops

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