Thursday, September 11, 2014


At last night’s Town Council Workshop/Meeting, the Council discussed two items during the workshop.  The first one was “Server Upgrade & Copier Bid” and the other was on “The Utility Operations Proposal”.

The “Server Upgrade & Copier Bid” discussion lasted approximately one hour and involved the three vendors who bid on the contract.  Chairwoman Ward and members of the council had specific questions to ask each vendor.  The vendors were very open and eager to answer all questions.

During the “The Utility Operations Proposal”, which lasted a little short of half an hour, it was spent trying to determine who was hiring Eaton & Peabody.  It was confusing who Eaton Peabody was supposed to provide their report.  In the end, the Chain of Command was established and everyone was happy.

Next, the Town Council moved into a regular meeting and voted on the “Server Upgrade & Copier Bid”.  The vote was 6-0 with Councilor Metivier excused.   The contract was awarded to Symquest for $56,656.00.  This consolidates the networking with the copiers; all under one company.

Larry Fillmore

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