Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I wish to commend the Town Council and the Town Manager for the strides they both are making to put Lisbon back on track.  As you will see in this recap, there was a lot decided last night and everything was positive for the town.

Under Council Order, Resolutions & Ordinances –

Grant Acceptance for Recreation Department passed 6-0 to accept $250.00.
Paving Bid Award passed 6-0 awarding the contract to Pike Industries.
Dump Body Installation was approved 6-0 to Viking Cives, USA for $44,710.00.
Server Upgrade & Copier Replacement Bid was tabled until September 9th.
Mill Street Culver Lining Bid Award was approved 6-0 to Ted Berry Company for $18,900.00
East Coast Greenway Designation was approved 6-0 to submit an application.
Easement Randy Crafts was approved 6-0 to begin paving in the Spring 2015.
State Surplus Property – Equipment Purchase was tabled until September 9th.
Legal Bid Award was approved 6-0 to Brann & Isaacson of Lewiston for Legal Services.
Solicit Bids for General Engineering Services, Hot Box, and Heavy Duty Truck was approved 6-0 to go out to bids for these services.
Set Public Hearing Date for Energy Conversation Contracts was set for September 16th
Treasurer’s Stipend was approved 6-0 for $3,000.00 to Finance Director.
Conditional Victualer’s License – Burger Shack was approved 6-0.

Under Other Business – Amanda Bunker provided an update on what is going on with the Route 196 Master Plan and the work going on to improve the appearance of the town.  The Planning Board is working with the Community Economic Development Director to secure grants such as the Façade program.  They are also looking into receiving Community Development Block Grant money and they are trying to establish a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for downtown Lisbon Falls.

Councilor Bickford provided an updated on the Utilities Committee which includes an upcoming meeting between Eaton Peabody, the Town Council and the Utilities Committee on September 16th.

The Town Manager updated everyone on the civil case between Kurt Kimball and the town regarding the $32,500.00.  The court sided with the town.

Under New Items – Dot Fitzgerald showed the council a brochure that she received listing local businesses and asked why Lisbon could not do the same.  It was given to the Economic Community Development Director to look into.  Also, Dot asked for an update on Luiggi’s and Council Pesce stated at the next meeting he will provide an update.

Debbie Barry asked the cost of all the studies being done and this was budgeted under Professional Services.  Debbie also asked about using or advertising the Trails at Beaver Park.  This was also taken for action by the Economic Community Development Director.

Don Fellows spoke about the Route 196 Master Plan and the work being done to improve the community.

Larry Fillmore    

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