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This is not some plot for a fictional novel

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Editor’s Note: The the analysis below has been contributed by Dave Hodges and was originally published at The Common Sense Show.

Hodges’ detailed research gives us some frightening insights into what a martial law scenario for Ebola or other communicable disease might looks like. Granted, Ebola has not yet achieved the official status of a “national security emergency,” but government procedures for such a scenario already exist. In fact, as noted by Hodges, this summer President Obama amended an existing Executive Order to include respiratory illnesses as potential health conditions under which martial law could be declared. And, like clockwork, we now have the EV-D68 respiratory virus making its way across the country. Coincidence? Maybe.

Whatever the case, should a virus ever threaten the United States with pandemic, the government will be left with no choice but to respond. The question is, what will that response be? The evidence, as highlighted below, suggests it won’t be just about telling citizens to shelter in place and wait for medical care to arrive. No, in a nationally declared emergency the Federal government will more than likely surrender some or all of their emergency response procedures to the United Nations, and thus, a foreign army. Moreover, anyone designated as a potential threat – and that is likely to include not just those with an illness, but those whose views contradict that of the State orifice – will be hunted down, detained and incarcerated by force if necessary.
This is not some plot for a fictional novel. The legislation, Executive Orders, and secret procedures have been documented by countless researchers. Ignore them at your peril.

Operational Details of Ebola Quarantine Zones & Martial Law Enforcement

Dave Hodges
Common Sense Show
September 20, 2014

If one thinks that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) are merely tax-supported guardians at the gate protecting the public’s health and welfare, then one is seriously deluded and naive. These two rogue organizations are proving to be as greedy, cunning and evil as Goldman Sachs and they, as well as Bill Gates, are preparing to usher in an Ebola pandemic accompanied by mandatory vaccinations and quarantines enforced through the use of lethal force.

Follow the Data

When it comes to Ebola, one only has to follow the publicly available data trail in order to understand what is coming regarding what will prove to be the scourge of the 21st century.

The present data trail tells us that the CDC owns the illness and all variants known as “Ebola”. Since the CDC owns Ebola, anyone attempting to treat Ebola, within the United States, must pay a royalty to the CDC. The data trail also reveals that NIH owns the Ebola-related vaccines developed by Crucell and these vaccines were clinically tested on two groups of human volunteers in 2006! This means that an Ebola vaccine has been available for eight years rendering the present stories about vaccine development by Monsanto and GSK to be a cover story.

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