Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Natural Cures For Prostate Cancer

Stunning secrets revealed about one of the strongest natural cures for prostate cancer in existence.

The truth is the baking soda remedy is an absolute "no brainer" cancer cure you must be using...

Jim Kelmun is considered by many in the natural health field to be a legend.
Not only did he completely cure himself of prostate cancer using this powerful remedy - and help many others to cure their own cancers - he has also defied constant threats from the medical profession calling on him to stop his so called “quackery” or risk being charged with practising medicine without a licence and being thrown in jail!
Personally, I love this guy. He's willing to stand up to all of this ridiculous bullying and thuggery because he believes in what he’s doing and knows without a shadow of a doubt his cure works.

The "Bomb" of Natural Prostate Remedies...

The great thing about this treatment is not only is it astoundingly effective (it starts to work quickly), the preparation is dead easy (you can begin right now if you have the ingredients in your pantry), and the cost is very cheap.
So here’s what to do… Simply mix up thoroughly 1 teaspoon of “aluminium free” baking soda with 2 to 3 teaspoons of grade B maple syrup, black-strap molasses or Manuka honey on a desert spoon or tablespoon. Take 20 minutes before food with very little fluids (first thing in the morning is best), once a day for the first week then three times a day after this.
In addition, it's extremely important that you eliminate all sugars from your diet so they don’t interfere with this treatment. You want the glucose and sugars in the maple syrup, black strap molasses or Manuka honey to be taken in by the cancer cells with the baking soda, rather than having the baking soda combining with other "wasted" sugars and not reaching the cancerous cells.

Natural Cures for Prostate Cancer - Baking Soda/Molasses Cancer Protocol Explained Further...

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