Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter from Livermore Resident ----- .D Hines PH.D

Dear Mr. Doyle and Ms. Castonguay:

It appears that I have misinterpreted the Maine FOAA.  Mr. Doyle, do you have any comments or suggestions?  The only thing that hits me right now is that this interpretation does not take into account the common law, or practices, or common sense of towns in Maine.  Just as we do not require towns to provide chairs or heated rooms for the selectmen's meetings, we do not specifically require that documents (documents that provide the background and details for understanding the discussions and decisions) be made available to those with a material interest in the motivations and decisions of the selectmen. 

I need to do some research on these issues because I don't know when common law and good business practices, or common sense, take precedence over a very new, and still being improved state statute.   I'm also unsure about where the federal law fits into this all.  

Thank you for your response and I'll be in touch.

Dwight Hines

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