Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Letter from a Lisbon Resident by Debbie Barry

If Grants are so necessary, why are we hiring Town Managers, Town Engineers, Economic & Community Developers?

What happens not if, but when the Grant money runs out?  Are the paid employees in suspended animation, not doing what they were hired to do?  Can we get a refund of these salaries to apply to the mounting debt in the Town budget?

Grants mean we are wasting money on paid employees who are only performing filling in grant applications, and not Managing, Engineering, or Developing Job Creation.

Grants are Municipal Heroin, used to distract the absence of duty performance. 

Grants have "HOOKS" in them, that ensnare the local population into doing and performing things they would never have voted to do.  When these Grant applications are presented to the town council, NOT ONE OF these HOOKS are ever mentioned.  The CDBG grant of $20,000.00 for the Job Center in the Library is on point.  Why would we impose on local businesses all those provisions that they didn't agree to in their contracts.  These Grants supersede their written contracts with their HOOKS. 

I pray that the Town Council considers the insidious nature of these Grants, they are not free money (if we don't get them, someone else will), they come with attachment HOOKS, and distract from paid employees duty requirements, and mask the true costs of the unnecessary proposed projects.

If we don't get them, someone else will is a false argument.  The money is extorted from taxpayer's salaries, transferred to unnecessary un elected, quasi government bureaucracies who decide who gets the extorted money, getting paid salaries from the same pot of money extorted from the taxpayer.  If we took care of our own town, and set the example, allowing others to do the same, the parasitic quasi government bureaucracies go away.

The federal government is using the printing presses of the Federal Reserve to float fuzzy money out to states with grants that are not backed up, except with the full faith and credit of the American taxpayer.  Some day, the bill for all this spending will come due, and our children will be paying the tab.

In Liberty

Debbie Barry

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