Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Indiana gun shop owner starts Facebook page listing gun free businesses (VIDEO)


Steve Ellis, owner of Top Guns, said gun rights advocates shouldn’t just simply carry concealed, they should avoid these businesses altogether. (Photo: WTHITV)
As some gun control advocates are pushing for businesses to ban guns in their establishments, one Indiana gun shop owner is pushing back by compiling a list of businesses who have banned guns, essentially helping like-minded consumers to tell these establishments, “No Guns = No Money.”
Steve Ellis, owner of Top Guns in Terre Haute, started No Guns = No Money last week, a Facebook page dedicated to listing businesses that ban guns. The page quickly gained popularity and more than 1,200 “likes” in just over a week.
“What we are hoping to see is that gun enthusiasts will ban together and say look this is a location that doesn’t want our business, and we are going to oblige them and not give them our business,” Ellis toldlocal media.
According to the Facebook page, many Second Amendment supporters continue to frequent establishments that prohibit firearms, only they do so carrying concealed so everyone is none the wiser. However, Ellis said this approach is all wrong and these businesses should be completely boycotted.
“We vote with our money every single day, so what we are doing when we support that business is saying that we are OK with that rule,” Ellis said.
With the help of the page’s fans, the gun free list has grown to more than 40 businesses in states across the country.
Ellis said simply hanging a “No Guns Allowed” sign in the window will not be a deterrent to criminal activities.
“In some ways they feel that putting this sign up it’s going to stop a criminal from coming in and doing something bad. The reality is that the only people they are going to regulate are those of us that are following the rule,” Ellis said.
But not everyone agrees.
“We should all be allowed to carry our guns but you don’t need to carry it inside. Little things can cause big accidents,” said Angel Owen, who said she feels safer when she sees a “No Guns Allowed” sign hanging in the window.

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