Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goon Thugs and Gullible Conservatives — Paul Craig Roberts

September 1, 2014 

Goon Thugs and Gullible Conservatives
where are the class action suits?
Paul Craig Roberts
Reports, such as this one , are routine occurrences that happen many times each day. Gratuitous police violence in America is totally out of control. Every day police murder 1.4 Americans, and beat, taser, body slam, and break into the homes of many others. Ferguson made it into the news, but Americans suffer police violence every day.
In response to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, apologists for police brutality concocted every possible excuse imaginable in order to justify Brown’s killing. Yet, we know for a fact that unprovoked police violence is routine and apparently unavoidable. The willingness of “law and order conservatives” to give the police the benefit of the doubt in the face of all evidence to the contrary is inexcusable.
In the story reported in the above link, a 68-year old woman and her adopted daughter were attacked in their home by a goon thug SWAT team that destroyed their unlocked front door, threw stun grenades into the home blowing out the windows, ordered the women to the floor with rifles pointed at their heads, handcuffed them and paraded them out of the house in front of neighbors.
What was it all about? More stupid incompetence and outrageous behavior by our goon thugs.
The women’s wireless internet signal was not protected by a password, and a neighbor used it to post a silly message that read as a threat to the Evansville police. The police followed the IP address to the women’s home and terrorized them.
Before the police were militarized, detectives would have arrived at the house with a search warrant to inspect cell phones and computers for evidence of the threatening message. None would have been found, and the detectives would have realized that someone nearby was operating on the women’s wireless signal. The search would have been expanded and the matter resolved without violence.
The violence inflicted on the women and their home was totally unnecessary and totally unjustified. Luckily, the women did not have a pet dog or it would have been shot by the goon thugs. The trauma gratuitously inflicted on the two women is experienced by Americans many times each day. Our taxes are used not to protect us but to traumatize us and to inflict property damage on us. The Federal Reserve reports that 52% of American households cannot raise $400 in cash, which is about the cost of replacing a shattered door and door frame.

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