Wednesday, September 3, 2014

City Council candidate harassed, raided, beaten for fighting back against police corruption

Lee Olson of Green Bay, Wisconsin has been dealing with police harassment in his community for many years. He is a grandfather in his mid 50′s, and years ago he became a target for police aggression after being wrongly accused of multiple crimes by a neighbor who was a problem in the community.
One day, police began to search through his trash and around his property at the request of his nosy neighbors. Additionally, the police came by his home to measure his children’s pool to make sure it was up to standard regulations, another request from his neighbors.
Eventually, the police obtained a warrant to search Olson’s home and carried out a full scale raid of the property.
Olson said that, “During the search, I had a gun pointed at me most of the time by Officer Brian Schilt. Only a few uniformed officers were on the search, most were tech College students called Community Service Interns. Nothing was found of course, after running a drug dog through my home several times. When only officers Vanhandel and Schilt were left in my home, Officer Vanhandel stated 1 inch from my face that they (police and city) would condemn and tear down our home of almost 40 years. That they would give us fines of several thousands of dollars for a piece of trash on our front lawn, etc. The officers then placed us and our home on the Official Neighborhood Nuisance Watch List. Almost 40 years as a home owner and tax payer there and this Is how the city of Green Bay uses my tax dollars!”

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