Friday, September 26, 2014

Bloomberg can’t find enough anti-gun candidates to support ******** Endorsed Sen. Susan Collins of Maine

Everytown for Gun Safety midterm elections endorsement list heavy on ‘safe’ Democrats

Former New York Mayor MichaelR. Bloomberg’s gun control group announced a round of candidate endorsements this week, but his plan to pour $50 million into gun control efforts appears to be struggling to find campaigns to back in nationally watched races. Everytown for Gun Safety released its inaugural endorsement list and named candidates from 28 states: 17 U.S. Senate candidates, 61 candidates for the U.S. House and 32 candidates for state offices.

 The group also endorsed several Republican candidates for the U.S. House in safe GOP districts and Sen. Susan M. Collins of Maine, who also is expected to win re-election. Everytown also announced that it will run television ads supporting Oregon Gov. John A. Kitzhaber and Rep. Robin L. Kelly of Illinois, both Democrats in safe races.

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