Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ebola virus spread by pet dogs?

[11 April 2005 - 00h00]

In Gabon, a team from the French Institute of Research and Development (IRD) has detected the presence of the anti-Ebola antibody in dogs exposed to the virus. This species could thus constitute a new contaminating vector for man.

The Ebola virus causes lightning haemorrhagic fever in dogs which often occurs in epidemic outbursts. Since 1994, seven such outbursts have affected Gabon and the Congo Republic, causing 445 cases, 361 of which were fatal. This virus is therefore a veritable public health problem.

Since 2001, the IRD researchers have been attempting to understand how it circulates from its natural host (reservoir) to man. In their view, “the life cycle of the virus is not confined to the simple transmission from the host to the monkey and then to man. It is possible that several reservoir species co-exist and that many other animal species can be infected, hence contributing to spreading the virus in nature“.

Are pets affected? “The percentage of dogs carrying the Ebola antibody increases significantly and in a linear way as you approach the epidemic focus. From 9% in the large towns of Gabon, the incidence rises to 32% in villages where human cases have been blamed on an infected animal source

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