Monday, August 4, 2014

Replacing Congressmen That Support NDAA Vital To Saving The US

Since Barack Obama became President, a frightening number of laws and Executive Orders has Changed the United States from a Representative Democracy to an absolute tyranny. Obama isn’t alone in imposing this tyranny on the American people; he’s had plenty of help from treasonous members of Congress.
Twenty-three states have nullified the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act. In Michigan, legislation to nullify the NDAA was passed unanimously in the Michigan House as well as the Michigan Senate.
Governor Snyder signed the bill nullifying sections 1021 and 1022, which allowed the US military to arrest and detain any person in the US without bothering to charge that person with a crime and hold them indefinitely without ever filing charges, just in time for Christmas.
So what are we to do with members of the US House and Senate that continue to vote for the NDAA, year after year, even when they are well aware that their constituents oppose it?
Get rid of them! Elect “new guards” that will follow the will of the people.
The mid-term elections are rapidly approaching and, with the freedoms most Americans grew up taking for granted rapidly being stripped away, it could be the country’s last opportunity to elect those new guards before a revolution breaks out.
You, dear viewer, need to take the bull by the horns and support candidates that oppose the NDAA. Use that as your litmus test when you decide to to vote for and who to oppose with all of your might. We need to elect true conservatives into office, making sure that RINOS know that their betrayal has not gone unnoticed. In Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, The Truth Is Viral has found such a man. His name is Alan Arcand.
Arcand is running against fellow Republican (in name only) Dr. Dan Benishek for the honor of representing the Upper Peninsula and the northern half of the Southern Peninsula, and Bobby Powell – Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of TTiV – is endorsing him wholeheartedly.
Dr. Benishek has been invited to appear on the program no less than five times in the past six months. His staffers always say, “We’ll get back to you,” and then never do. The reason why is obvious: This program, and the facts we would present, would destroy Dr. Benishek. For the past three years, the incumbent has been well aware that the Michigan House and Senate have voted to nullify the NDAA – unanimously – yet he has voted for it anyway.


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