Wednesday, August 6, 2014


At last night’s Town Council Workshop, the Council had a lengthy discussion of numerous Town Policies that pertained to Town employees. The majority of the changes dealt with administrative procedures and making the Town policies match the State policies.

Next, the Council moved into their regular meeting. The first order of business was recognizing William Van Tuinen for excellent service as the Town Assessor.

During the Public Hearing, Debbie Barry spoke about the increase in the cost of living and how the General Assistance Ordinance and Appendices did not match the increase.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances, the following items were passed by a vote of 6-0. One councilor was excused. The following items were sent out of RFP’s: Paving; Server Upgrade; Copier Replacement; Culvert Replacement; Public Works Garage; Legal Services and Auditing Services. The General Assistance Ordinance and Appendices had its second reading and was passed 6-0. The Certificate of Settlement and Recommitment transferred the tax collection from Mrs. Maloy, Finance Director to Mrs. Barnes the Town Manager. MMA Annual Election passed 6-0 for the individuals on the ballot. The council approved authorizing the Town Manager to sign the Interlocal Agreement for Code Enforcement.

Under Other Business, the Town Clerk announced that papers for this coming November ballot can be taken out starting August 13th and had to be back in no later than September 22nd in order to get on the November ballot. The Trail grand opening is August 14th at the Boat Launch.

During the Charter Amendment Discussion, the council talked about bonds over a million dollars can no longer be placed on the June ballot. All bonds, except emergencies, for over a million dollars can only go on the November ballot. As it was presented to the council there was no emergencies clause so the language has to be changed to include the Emergency Clause before it is ready for the people to vote on it in November.

The new Town Manager gave her first Town Manager’s report. It included Mrs. Barnes being reappointed by Governor LePage to sit on one of his committees.
There is a Public Hearing, August 14, 2014 at 07:30 PM, during the Planning Board meeting, to discuss a change to the Wellhead Protection Ordinance.

Under Audience Participation New Items, there was a discussion on Unitil leaving an open trench across Route 196 and how it was handled. There was also a discussion on the Master Plan for Route 196.

The meeting ended with the Council going into Executive Session with the Town Attorney.

Larry Fillmore

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