Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HOW TO BE CRUDE AND RUDE!! by Larry Fillmore


By now everyone in Lisbon should be familiar with the rules pertaining to the Town Council Workshops. These workshops are important and are primarily for councilors to work out issues pertaining to local government. The format is simple. There is no interaction with the Public during the workshop. At the end of every workshop, the Chairwoman opens the discussion up for the Public to provide their input.

However, during most of these workshops, Mrs. Morgan-Alexander just shouts out whatever is on her mind. Mrs. Morgan-Alexander does not raise her hand and wait for the Chair to acknowledge her which is normal protocol, instead she interrupts the proceedings.

It is hard to understand why Chairwoman Liza Ward does not put Mrs. Morgan-Alexander in her place. If I was to interrupt the workshop, Chairwoman Ward would immediately put me in my place or simply tell me to leave. One would think that Mrs. Morgan-Alexander, who is the Chairman of two committees, would respect the procedures and the workshop rules. This simple is not the case. Mrs. Morgan-Alexander’s comments and opinion are too important to follow normal protocols.

Mrs. Morgan-Alexander’s outbursts are crude and rude and show absolutely no respect for the Chair; members of the council and of members of the audience.

Larry Fillmore 

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