Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whooping cough outbreak strikes county where 95 percent of children are vaccinated


(NaturalNews) One of the most vaccine-compliant counties in northern California is experiencing one of the worst whooping cough outbreaks in the entire state, according to a new reports. Yolo County, which sits directly east of Napa County near Sacramento, is reportedly seeing a larger spike in cases of pertussis than most other counties in California, despite the fact that roughly 95 percent of the children living there are up to date with their vaccines.

Officials are aghast at the latest figures, which already show a 900 percent increase in whooping cough cases compared to last year. And since only about half of the year has passed, this figure could increase even further as the seasons change.

"We are in the midst of a statewide epidemic of pertussis," stated Dr. Constance Caldwell, Yolo County Health Officer, to reporters. "It's most concerning because infants can become seriously ill and die from pertussis," she explained to CBS Sacramento.

Dr. Caldwell also admitted that Yolo County hasn't witnessed the decline in vaccine use that other counties throughout the state have. This suggests that the whooping cough vaccine is not providing the level of protection that we've all been led to believe it does, and that children who have already been vaccinated are still falling ill with the disease.

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