Sunday, July 6, 2014

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The Forgotten Declaration of 1775

For some time now, since the Obama Syndicate (I refuse to call it a legitimate “Administration”, for it obviously is not ) has seized power over the United States Constitution and control of a significant percentage if not a majority of the means of production and national infrastructure upon which the American People are dependent for our livelihoods, if not our very existence, the veil of political discretion between this organized criminal syndicate and it’s primary agenda of excersizing raw tyranny over it’s generally unwilling subjects has been coming down fast.

Coincidentally, if not consequently, American Patriots who have for some time been discretely alluding to thinly veiled thoughts of massive civil disobedience to unconstitutional dictates and illegitimate laws if not outright revolt against this overtly criminal, communist oppressor, seem to be lowering the veils as well and laying formerly held discretion and fear of retaliation aside in their patriotic fervor and outrage.

We certainly live in interesting times – but on the basis of what I’m reading on the internet as well as my e mails and hearing in casual conversations lately, it seems that we may be living in very dangerous times as well.

With the political power play by the commucrat party and it’s corrupt politicians to force European Union style socialized medicine upon the population, a majority of whom (especially those of us who are REAL American Citizens who do not live on government welfare and vote Democrat for a living) are resolutely opposed to this further government usurpation of control over our personal lives and property, the frustration and anger – building now to a crescendo of communal, national rage – may be approaching critical mass.

I also heard Rush Limbaugh recently mention how our Founding Fathers revolted against the British Crown in response to governmental abuses which he opines were far less egregious than those which we are suffering under in our day.
As we are surely aware, our founding documents, in particular the Declaration of Independence, clearly leaves for us not only our rights as American Citizens as to how we may respond to the governmental usurpation of God – granted, blood – bought rights and private property, as our Founders fully anticipated that government allowed to follow it’s natural proclivities to grow and wax tyrannical over time ultimately would – but our solemn DUTY and OBLIGATIONS as patriotic Citizens of a free Constitutional Republic as well.

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