Thursday, July 10, 2014

TRAFFIC ALERT ----by Dot Fitzgerald

This Friday, July 11, 2014 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Lisbon Fire Department will be having their second annual Toll Booth, Stuff the Boot, fund drive at various points along heavily traveled Route 196 through Lisbon.
At the 2013 Toll Booth at the intersection of Route 196 and Route 9 vehicles heading west, Topsham to Lewiston, were at times backed up past School Street and down the hill to the bowling alley.
This is the time people are heading home from work, hot and tired,or families are heading out for the weekend or vacation.
Waiting while traffic moves slowly forward does not put one in the one in the best of moods.
Per Lisbon Fire Chief Shawn Gallipeau, the monies collected at theToll Booths are given back to the town; as scholarships for students wishing to make fire fighting a career choice, sponsoring Lisbon Junior Athletic League teams, contributing to the Town's annual Christmas Basket fund drive, and more.
All good causes and intentions. 
The Lisbon Falls Fire Department car wash at the Lisbon Falls station has always been popular and a safe way to raise monies.
I have had my car washed there many times, hope to again this year, and urge others to also.
I have to wonder if stopping traffic, on a busy highway, on a hot day, when workers are anxious to get home,  or families, maybe some with small children, are heading out for the week-end or vacation, is really the smartest thing to do.
I am urging those wishing to avoid traffic delays at that day and time to seek alternate routes.
Appologies to Ryan Guay, a firefighter dear to my heart, and to all fightfighters, everywhere. You put your lives on the line every time you go out on a call.
May God Always Watch Over You.
Dot Fitzgerald
A concerned Lisbon Citizen

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