Wednesday, July 23, 2014


JULY 22, 2014

At last night’s Town Council Workshop there was little discussion about the budget. There was a lecture by Chairwoman Ward about how much work the Finance Committee and others had put into the proposed budget. The Town Manager cut $6,035.00 out of the Professional Development budget of the General Government. Other than that, the Municipal Budget was penny for penny the same as the previously failed budget.

Councilor Bickford said that he felt it was an injustice to have any bonds on the June ballot and wanted an Ordinance prepared to limit bond issues to the November ballot. The Workshop was adjourned without the people having an opportunity to speak which is normally done at the end of the Workshop.

Next, the Special Town Council meeting began with Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances. The Municipal Budget passed by a vote of 5-1 with Councilor Pesce voting NO. The Economic Development Budget passed by a vote of 6-0. The Catering permit for Hi Style Catering was passed by a vote of 6-0. And finally, the Community Planning Agreement for Professional Services was passed by a vote of 6-0.

There was no one to speak during Other Business or Audience Participation & Response.

The meeting was adjourned.

Larry Fillmore

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