Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Last night’s Town Council Workshop was extremely informative and very explosive.  Members of the Town Council discussed various ideas to reduce the budget in various areas.  These discussions lasted for approximately an hour and a half.  At the end of the workshop Chairwoman Lisa Ward opened the workshop for Public input.

Mr. Richard Main was extremely upset because during the workshop Legal fees was brought up.  The legal fees are excessive for this small town and one of the reasons is that any town employee can call the Town Attorney who gets paid $190.00 per hour and his son receives $175.00 per hour.  Mr. Main recommended that all town employees go through the Town Manager first before going to the Town Attorney.  This was the recommendation by the Council to the Town Manager.

I offered the fact that under Professional Services there was approximately $80,000.00 tax dollars in the budget.  This could be reduced to save the impact on residents.  There are five (5) different incidents of Lease Purchase Agreements spread all through the budget with no explanation.  The Council was looking to reduce the budget by $35,000.00 dollars instead of reducing the budget as much as possible to help the citizens.

Dot Fitzgerald spoke about the additional $35,000.00 the Council added at the last Council meeting which should have made it necessary to find $70,000.00 instead of just $35,000.00.

Roger Cote asked the question to Chairman Liza Ward why the Council was not looking at the department that cost the taxpayers the most.  Everyone knows that he was referring to the Police Department’s budget.  Chairwoman Ward tried to stop Mr. Cote from addressing the Police Department problem.  Mr. Cote wanted to find out why there were no cuts in the Police Department budget.  Chairwoman Ward demanded Mr. Cote stop and he did not so Chairwoman Ward ordered Mr. Cote to leave the Workshop.  

You are aware that the Chair of the Finance Committee and the Town Council Chairwoman DO NOT PAY REAL ESTATE TAXES in Lisbon.
Larry Fillmore 

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  1. Lisa Ward and Miriam Alexander do not have to worry if real estate go up. They do not pay homeowners insurance, water and sewer bills. they do not have to worry if the furnace will last another year. Let the landlord worry about those things.
    No concern of theirs. Yet they are deciding on YOUR REAL ESTATE TAX BILL.