Thursday, July 31, 2014

New York residents speak out against police violence

The killing of Staten Island resident Eric Garner by New York City police officers a week and a half ago has once again exposed the brutality regularly unleashed on the city’s working people by the police.
Far from an aberration, the police barbarism expressed in Garner’s killing is a common experience for masses of working class New Yorkers, which has continued unrelentingly under Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio. 
World Socialist Web Site reporters spoke with workers and youth in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, last weekend about Garner’s killing and their own experiences with police violence. East Flatbush is a working class, central Brooklyn neighborhood of about 80,000 residents, primarily African-American, with a large population of Caribbean immigrants. The neighborhood has been the site of multiple police killings, including that of 16 year-old Kimani Gray last year. Outraged residents protesting Gray’s killing were violently dispersed by the police, who arrested dozens and laid siege on the neighborhood in the aftermath.
As in other working class neighborhoods across the city, police continue to harass and brutalize workers and youth in East Flatbush on a daily basis.

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