Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lisbon Property Taxes Are Going UP

At last nights Town Council Meeting Lisbon Councilors hung their heads and passed the annual budget with a 5-1 vote. Councilor  Pesce was the only one that held his ground and voted against this bloated budget.

This new increase in taxes will probably elevate Lisbon to the third highest taxed Town in Androscoggin County, above Durham and Auburn.  Our taxes will increase somewhere between 5% and 7% percent, If we are lucky.

Why didn't Lisbon Councilors make meaningful reductions in the high Police budget? What are they afraid of?   Everyone in town knows why our taxes are so outrageous.  

This September when we all open our new tax bills we can all thank 5 Councilors for the increase.

Thank You Councilor Pesce for standing up for Lisbon Taxpayers.


  1. What or Who is the undesignated councilor? Final tally should be 5-1-1 5 Ayes, 1 Nay, and 1 Absent or Abstained from Voting

  2. Thank you Mr. Pesce for keeping your head up high and doing what is right by the people. You are then only one who hears us and listens to us. I'm appalled at the way the other councilors are handling themselves. They are behaving as though they have no power and no brain and can only do as they are told by Ms. Ward. If the councilors are unable to be effective and creative in their decision making and problem solving skills, it is time for them to go. My advice to the councilors...."If you are occupying a seat in order to be somebody’s string puppet it is time for you to go". "Stand up, grow a spine and think for yourself". “Make a change”.