Monday, July 7, 2014

Governor Perry: Do you Have the Guts to Arrest Pres. Obama for Treason When He Visits Texas This Week?

The reason why we are in a sad state is because we have held back while the Dictatorship does not hold back anything. He does not have anymore constitutional restraint. They are using all resources at the their disposal to wreck the country by breaking the law. We are told we are supposed to use restraint and do things peacefully while the other side is not afraid to incite violence if necessary to get their way.
 If Governor Perry is serious about securing the border and protecting Texas from invasion. He has every legal and moral right to do so. He ought to not hold nothing back to protect the Lone Star State from an insurrection perpetrated by the Federal government to bring in the North American Union and the Bankrupt Texas under the Cloward and Pivon plan.

He has a duty because these people being brought up through Mexico from Central and South America are a public health threat with these diseases like Tuberculosis, (Hanson’s Disease)Leprosy, bed bugs, head lice and scabies  which are highly contagious and resistant to modern antibiotics.

The White House knows these people are entering without being screened for these illnesses. Nurses and Border Patrol agents are ordered to keep silent and not tell the press about these migrants having these illnesses that are a public health threat.

The Centers of Disease Control(CDC) and the Border Patrol were ordered to stand down by the White House to do nothing. Just allow the spread of these diseases without any restrictions in the general population.

What President Obama has done is an act of war against the people of Texas. If this crises is not dealt with. If the public servants responsible for this criminal and treasonous act against Texas are not neutralized so they can not carry out this invasion. If we do not do what is necessary to stop holding nothing back using all legal and constitutional remedies to stop this cold in its tracks. It will only get worse.

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