Saturday, July 5, 2014

Colorado Gun Ban Stopped by Recall Aftershocks

After the immense amount of Bloomberg money, old media airtime and Obama administration political capital was spent on enacting restrictive gun legislation in Colorado last year, the electorate rebelled. Grassroots campaigns led by people who had never been involved in politics beat the establishment. Two legislators were recalled. A third, thought to be in a safe Democratic district, resigned under pressure in order to save the Democrat majority in the State Senate. The political establishment was shaken and aftershocks continue to reverberate . . .

As part of the establishment push to disarm the population, an organization was formed to place a referendum on the ballot to ban firearms on college campuses. The Colorado Supreme Court had ruled that concealed carry was OK in the halls of higher learning in 2012. Spearheaded by Ken Tolz, a long-time proponent of citizen disarmament, Safe Campus Colorado had six months to gather 86,000 signatures for its initiative. I have not found where the funding for the signature drive came from.

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