Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vote No On The Bond Issues ---------- by Debbie Barry

Shame on those who pushed the propaganda, playing on the people's emotions, all the while using your tax dollars to do it.

Our school needs to refocus on what it's primary task is, and having an academic rating of a "D" is not acceptable.  An excellent education is the goal, not new things that our taxpayer base cannot at this time afford.  The students have an already built track, and gymnasium we cannot afford new buildings, especially until the "D" grade has been replaced.

The municipal garage can be replaced with a sensible metal building, the fire damaged building can be repurposed to accommodate the sand/salt all within the price of the fire insurance check of $300,000 and have cash left over.  Our tax payers do not need a multi bay ETTI garage (why are the Real Estate agents waiting until after the Bond referendum?  Can't they be honest before?).

In September of this year, when we open our new property tax bill, that reflects the unknown assessment and all these new bond amounts, remember that not many of us get a annual increase of salary, and the raising costs of groceries, and life's necessities, while the School and Town get brand new things that we cannot afford.

Let us not tread the Road to Serfdom to put our necks into BONDage, and vote no to any Bonds and Borrowing.  We have to live within our means, and our neighbors don't need us to vote to enslave them for things we don't need or cannot afford at this time.

In Liberty
Debbie Barry
Lisbon Falls Maine

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