Friday, June 20, 2014

Vermont and the People are “Fighting Monsanto” for their Lives and For Now “They are Winning”

Joachim Hagopian
The world’s most powerful chemical manufacturer, Monsanto, and the powerful food and agri-industries have had their way in America for many decades. Through the power of lobbyists pouring money into the hands of corrupt lawmakers, US presidents, and federal agencies like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), until just recently they have successfully squelched any grassroots movements made by the American people concerned about the food they eat and its effect on their physical health.

Similar to the health industry, citizens of the United States are virtually the only national population among developed nations without a universal healthcare system for all its citizens, Americans are also the only national population in the industrial world forced to eat genetically modified organisms (GMO) as their food source. In a recent poll only 15% of British farmers said they would be willing to eat genetically modified food. Of course as residents within the European Union, they do not have to since GMO’s are banned. In fact, 64 other nations laws are in place protecting the health of citizens by forcing food to be labeled as GMO’s, thus offering their consumers a choice. More and more nations around the world are simply banning GMO foods from even entering their country altogether. This trend is becoming a growing concern for the large US exporters of GMO soy, wheat and corn products.

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