Tuesday, June 17, 2014

U.S. food prices rising 367% faster than inflation; chemical agriculture headed for catastrophic failure


(NaturalNews) Food prices are now skyrocketing across the USA, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Their most recent report (1) reveals that prices of meat, poultry, fish and eggs leaped 7.7 percent over the last year. That's nearly 367% higher than the official 2.1% inflation rate claimed by the federal government. (2)

Prices on these food items have risen 664% in the last five decades, according to the BLS, but much of the price acceleration has happened in just the last few years... and there's no end in sight.

While the federal government tries to blame rising food prices on global warming -- because seemingly everything is now attributed to climate change, including depression and divorces -- the far more sobering truth is that conventional agriculture is reaching a point of systemic, catastrophic failure.

"Frankenweeds" taking over farm lands

The mass poisoning of agricultural lands with glyphosate, pesticides and chemical herbicides has resulted in the rise of aggressive "superweeds" that are taking over farms and causing productivity to plummet in many fields. As Nature.com now reports: (3)

Palmer pigweed can reach more than 2.5 meters tall, grow more than 6 centimeters a day, produce 600,000 seeds and has a tough, woody stem that can wreck farm equipment that tries to uproot it. It is also becoming more and more resistant to the popular herbicide glyphosate.

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