Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Six down: Another city unanimously votes to block NDAA detention provisions

Activist Post

PANDA Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Resistance is announcing its latest civil rights victory. Rutland, MA has passed the Rutland Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution (RCGR) by a unanimous margin. This resolution provides inhabitants of Rutland their first legal defense against indefinite detentions since passage of the 2012 NDAA.

The overwhelming support for Rutland RCGR once again tells elected officials throughout Worcester County and all of Massachusetts that the citizens here in the cradle of liberty will never give up their cherished civil rights.

Many Massachusetts towns, including Rutland, make policy via Town Meetings whereby everyday citizens vote on issues that come up for debate. Each issue requires a number of signatures to qualify for the meeting agenda; once on the agenda, the townspeople decide on the issue directly.

Rutland residents voted unanimously in favor of the PANDA-sponsored resolution. Local resident Al Hopfmann successfully presented the case for a Yes vote.

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