Friday, June 20, 2014

PRINCIPLES OF BUDGETING ---- by Larry Fillmore

Once someone has determined how much Revenue they are going to receive during the year, the next step is to determine your Expenses.  If the Revenue is larger than the Expenses, you make a list of what you want to accomplish during the next year.  Once you have created your list, it is time to see if the items on the list are practical.   The following is a formula to see if these items on your list are feasible:

 Do I have enough money to pay for this now or do I have to save up during the year to pay for this?
Do I have to do this this year or can it wait and do this next year?
Is it imperative I do it this year?

The councilors were faced with a list of items that were presented by Department Head for enclosure in this year’s budget.  One of the items on the list was to set aside $50,000.00 for a Route 196 Matching Grant.  I believe that $50,000.00 is too much for the town because it is going to add to raising our taxes even more.  I recommended $25,000.00 for the first year but Fern LaRochelle spoke up and said that in order to move the town forward the town needed to keep it at $50,000.00 knowing fully well it was going to raise taxes that much more.  Fern LaRochelle has plenty of money to pay these tax increases but the majorities of citizens do not because they are on a fixed income and are struggling now.  Obviously, Mr. LaRochelle could care less about the majority of residents in Lisbon.

Another suggestion was not to replace any cruisers this year.  This has absolutely nothing to do with Forfeiture Fund and its usage.  Last year, the town replaced two cruisers and an engine in another.  The cruiser we replace the engine in is one of the vehicles Chief Brooks wants to replace this year.  Now, there are two vehicles that sit at the schools daily and there is no usage on these engines while they are sitting.  So why do we need to replace any vehicles this year?  If there is a problem during the year we can replace the engine and move on.  Why waste money replacing vehicles that do not need to be replaced?

Chairwoman Ward tried to add confusion to the question about if they town wants to replace police vehicles this year.  The ONLY question that the council should address is if replacing these vehicles is imperative this year and the answer from any stand point is NO.  Again, we are wasting tax dollars to please Chief Brooks.  But as we all know Chairwoman Ward’s ONLY mission is to protect Chief Brooks’ budget.

This council needs to do what is right for the community.  I have personally identified certain items that can be reduced or eliminated to help reduce the tax increase we residents are going to be facing this year.  Councilors should be making every effort within their power to reduce the tax burden taxpayer are facing with.

Councilors need to put personal feelings aside and do what is best for the community.

Larry Fillmore


  1. It's time that the councilors get off their collective thumbs and override Council Chair Lisa Ward when it comes to the town budget.
    At the 6/17 budget meeting Councilor Dillon Pesce suggested something be done about the town attorney's budget. Every year the amount of $40,00 is budgeted for the town attorney, and every year at least $60,000 is spent,$20,000 over budget, and every year nothing is done to control the costs.
    Councilor Chair Lisa Ward totally ignored the suggestion.

    Councilor Make Lunt tried several times to make suggestions in making budget cuts.
    Again ignored by Ms. Ward.

    The only time she actually came to life was when Larry Fillmore made a suggestion, from the audience, that a patrol vehicle be cut from Chief Brooks budget, or the amount for the vehicle come out or Chief Brooks forfeiture funds.

    I thought Ms. Ward would come off her chair. She immediately cut Mr. Fillmore off from speaking.

    Makes me wonder why she is protecting Chief Brooks budget?

  2. Ward dose not pay property tax to Lisbon she don't care.