Monday, June 23, 2014

Police to Get X-Ray Scanner For Vehicle Inspections & “Public Safety”

Handheld version of 'roving street scanner' to snoop on contents of cars
by Paul Joseph Watson | June 23, 2014

A new portable backscatter device designed to perform x-rays of objects is set to be used by police departments to inspect vehicles as well as for “public safety,” according to the company behind the new scanner.

The video for the handheld MINI Z Backscatter imaging scanner, developed by American Science and Engineering Inc (AS&E), brags that it will “allow operators to see more than ever in more places than ever.”

The scanner will be used by “law enforcement, first responders, border control, event security, maritime police and general aviation security,” in order to search for currency, drugs and explosives. Police will use the device to inspect “vehicle bumpers, tires, panels and interiors” and to detect IEDs.

According to AS&E, the scanner represents a “game changer” for law enforcement and border patrol and will be used to ensure “public safety.” However, the company admits that the device “is not designed to scan people” because it emits radiation.

The technology is based on a previous larger incarnation of x-ray scanner that was deployed via trucks to conduct roving scans of other vehicles on American streets and highways.

In 2010 it emerged that American Science & Engineering had sold many of the larger devices to U.S. law enforcement agencies, who were already using them on the streets for “security” purposes.

The company’s founder, Joe Reiss, told Forbes that more than 500 backscatter x-ray devices were already being used domestically by U.S. authorities and were being, “driven past neighboring vehicles to see their contents.”

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