Friday, June 13, 2014

Major Resistence Will Rise if Obama Signs Executive Orders to Implement Austrailian Model of Gun Control

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This could be the Waterloo for Obama’s over reach bypassing congress and the constitutional process by changing the constitution and making law by the executive pen to ban guns will blow up in his face,  The President could not get draconian gun laws passed by congress. So he is making an end run around the rule of law because gun control is so unpopular. Congress dare not pass gun control. This is how the Democratic party lost congress in 1994 and 2010 was because the pushing of socialized medicine and gun control. Former President Bill Clinton admitted gun control was one of the big reasons the Democrats lost control in 1994.

The latest shooting of two Police officers in Los Vegas is now the excuse for disarming the American people using agent provocateurs who were kicked off the Bundy Ranch because there were trying to start trouble to discredit the militia protecting the farm.

The gun grabbers are playing the race card because Obama is black saying it racist if we believe in our God given right to keep and bear arms as a means of self defense. Leon Trotsky used to word calling people racist to shut down debate when the communist advanced.

he used the word racist to browbeat dissenters. In other words, he created the word racism to combat those that weren’t in agreement with their ideology, their totalitarianism.

That is not working anymore as a way to shut down debate of the opposition. Now the government is using the IRS and arresting the opposition as way way to send a chilling effect to the real dissenters to Barrack Obama’s political enemies.

President Obama is saying gun violence is at a all time high when the FBI own crime statistics show were there is more gun ownership. There is less crime while cities and state that have the most draconian gun laws restricting the people’s right to self defense. Crime is off the charts where innocent people are left defenseless while criminal run wild with impunity .

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