Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter from a Lisbon Resident about Supreme Court ruling------- by Debbie Barry

June 23, 2014 the United States Supreme Court ruled that buffer zones around a Planned Parenthood Health Center was unconstitutional.

The Portland Sun, Page 3, June 27, 2014 featuring the Planned Parenthood of Northern New England spoke of the buffer zone around the 443 Congress Street Health Center. of peaceful co-existence--which balances the right to privacy with free speech rights.

Why, if a person needs a lifesaving medical procedure be harassed?  This should never happen.
The activity by the protesters characterized as harassment, is in fact necessary.  The Planned Parenthood patient is obviously not a sovereign individual, as there is now a pre-born human baby growing inside her.  That life deserves the FULL protection of the law, as does every human being.  The barbaric practice of elective fetal termination abortion provides no BALANCE for the uninformed mother and infant.  The protesters are the last chance to stop a regrettable life time decision by the mother.

Fetal Termination should be characterized as an "Elective" surgery procedure.  C.Everett Koop Surgeon General stated, In 36 years of practice, I have never known it to be medically necessary to destroy the baby in order to save the mother's life.  

If a medical lifesaving intervention is necessary, shouldn't it be done with a qualified OB/GYN doctor, in a clean and sanitary hospital environment, not in an unsanitary clinic, without any qualified emergency procedurally qualified doctors?

Underage girls, scared women, are preyed upon and quickly forced to decide on fetal termination as the only swift answer to the pregnancy question.  Planned Parenthood knows that the decision to terminate your baby is the wrong decision for 100% of their patients, but they continue to press the racial agenda of Margaret Sanger to purify the RACE.

And is it medically necessary for Planned Parenthood to teach underage girls Sadomasochism, destroying their natural modesty at the earliest age possible, without parental knowledge or consent?
In Liberty
Debbie Barry
Lisbon Falls Maine

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