Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LAST CHANCE!!!!!------------- by Larry

Tuesday night at 7:00 PM will be the last chance for the people of Lisbon to speak out before their taxes sky-rocket next year.
  The Town Council will vote in, yet another, inflated budget without making an attempt to curtail the excessive spending by Chief Brooks.

This will be the last time before you receive your tax bills for you to tell this council just how you feel about them raising your taxes.  So we all know that when you voted for the gym and the track you were going to see a tax increase.  Just how much was never truly known because no one was sure of the Municipal budget.  Well, it’s here and the council has not made any attempt to reduce Chief Brooks three Administrative Assistant/Secretaries; making due with his vehicles for one year, two detectives instead of one and the most outrageous is over 5% wage increase for the Communication Center.  Reducing the Police Department budget by anything was never considered seriously.

It would appear that all of these obvious unnecessary expenses are going to be disregarded by the Council.  This Council will approve the Police Department budget without even batting an eye.  Watch and see which Councilors really care about our community and who is interested in protecting Chief Brooks’ budget.

Tuesday is the right time to voice your concerns about your taxes; not once you get your tax bill.

Larry Fillmore


  1. Better check the meeting time carefully, and at the last minute.
    Meeting could begin at 6, maybe even 5:30!

    Check time, and BE THERE ! ! ! ! !

  2. Dot Fitzgerald. A Very Concerned CitizenJune 23, 2014 at 3:30 PM

    Lisa Ward was quoted in the Times Record as saying; I look at it this way. I look at my home budget: see how much money we have, and see what we can do with it."
    Until Ms. Ward is a homeowner she does not have a clue what a homeowner is faced with.
    Lisa does not pay real estate taxes or homeowners insurance.
    She does not have to worry if the furnace or hot water heater will last another year; when the home will need re-roofing and or painting.

    So Lisa, do NOT pretend that you are concerned if MY taxes will go up, or how much they will go up.
    If you were REALLY concerned, you would be really going over the budget and making serious reductions tomorrow night.

  3. Property owners look at the budget process a little differently than residents that rent. If a renter makes a mistake they can always find another rent in another town. If a homeowner makes the same mistake they will probably have to live with it for years.