Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It’s Time for Truth in Media

Down but Not Defeated: Why the Truth Must be Told
Rhetoric coming out of Washington is constantly using and abusing the term “democracy” as a concept to be defended and cheered. But what we see in the US is a far-cry from any real and accountable system of democracy.
In fact, the United States of America couldn’t be farther from being “the land of milk and honey” as it once proclaimed itself to be; its promise of wealth and stability, the oft-referenced yet seldom seen “American dream”, is undeniably buried in the realm of wishful thinking — for the majority of people, that is.

Elections give the illusion of choice while maintaining a status quo that sees the rich get richer and the poor scrambling to redefine their definitions of “rock bottom”. (See Andy Kroll, “Billionaires Unchained: America is a Democracy of the Wealthy“).

The good news is, the majority can no longer afford (quite literally) to stay complacent in the face of rampant financial exploitation by a ruling minority that knows no bounds to its powerlust.

Global Research doesn’t shy away from exposing corporate exploitation and media manipulation; we confront it head on through in-depth and independent coverage of global events:

“Global Research has moved to the forefront of institutions presenting a hard-hitting, progressive, and intelligent critique of world politics and in particular of American foreign policy. I check it every day just to see who is on there and what they are saying. We need to keep this unique Voice alive and kicking against the Establishment.”
Francis A. Boyle (click for list of articles)

Professor of International Law
To maintain our complete independence, Global Research does not accept government or corporate funding. It may seem obvious, but how can any organization or individual have the freedom to speak the truth if they are funded by the very agencies actively engaged in the dissemination of disinformation? Our independence matters to us and we know it matters to you, our readers.

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