Thursday, June 12, 2014

HOW MUCH MORE DO WE HAVE TO TAKE??? ------ by Larry Fillmore

During the Town Council workshop of April 8, 2014, I remember Chief Brooks saying that the town had received a Homeland Security Grant of $1,600.00 for mobile radios.  Because Chief Brooks has not always been truthful in his statements, I submitted a request for a copy of the grant award letter.  Below is the response from the town:

The minutes of the workshop published by the town support that Chief Brooks did make this statement.   Below is a portion of the April 8, 2014 minutes pertaining to this grant?
April 8, 2014 Town Council Minutes:
“Chief Brooks explained this is not a full-fledged tower; it will be more like an antenna on a building.  He said if we knew there was a grant available we would apply.  The problem with Homeland Security grants is that they are getting smaller and smaller, for instance our grant this year was for $1,600 for mobile radios, which will have to be addressed at some time.  If we come up with a grant, that’s what we will do, but this is a capital need.  Mrs. Maloy said this was in last year’s capital budget.  Forfeiture money can be used to supplement the budget so we could debate about whether to use it or not.”…

This is not the first time Chief Brooks claimed to have a grant and did not.  Remember the $97,000.00 for furniture for the Communication Center.  Come to find out there was no grant for the furniture and the taxpayers ended up paying with tax dollars for the new furniture for the Communication Center.

I do not understand why the Town Manager and the Town Council continue to allow Chief Brooks to manipulate them into getting what he wants. I would think that this type of behavior would be unacceptable and grounds for firing.
Judge Judy says that you can always tell when a teenager is lying because their lips are moving.  Do you know what Chief Brooks and teenagers have in common?

Larry Fillmore


  1. He is a cop, what do you expect,cops lie all the time and get away with it. There is a fine line between being a cop and being a criminal.

  2. If the town council would just not approve Chief Brooks liberal spending sprees he would have to use forfeiture money he does not have.