Monday, June 9, 2014

FORFEITURE FUNDS UPDATE!!!! ------------------------by Larry Fillmore

I submitted a Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) requesting an update on just what Chief Brooks has been spending his Federal forfeiture funds on instead of his Capital Improvement Plan. It was amazing because the FOAA requested all Purchase Orders from January 21, 2014 to present and I only received Purchase Orders through April 14, 2014. Apparently, Chief Brooks has not purchased any items using forfeiture funds since April 14, 2014.

October 21, 2013 -January 21, 2014

6856 1/21/14 1-4RE Hardware/Software $6,430.00
6818 1/14/14 2-WatchGuard 4RE Video 4,720.00
6495 12/13/13 6-Print PD Logo on AED Bags 21.00
                      1-Setup 10.00
6494 12/13/13 6-Lifetime AED & Accessions 4,654.86
6437 12/10/13 1-Drawer Unit 12” Unit 1 1,600.00
                      1-Drawer Unit 16” K9 Unit 1,650.00
                      1-Safety Barrier Unit 1 343.47
                      6386 12/05/13 3-Rifle Bags 74.85
                                                 Shipping 17.95
6402 12/06/13 1-LED Spotlight 159.95
                     3-CL/RD LED Dome Light 164.85
                     2-Blank Console Filters 59.90
                                           Shipping 15.00
6233 11/15/13 3-Rifle 16M4 A4 Telestk MPC 2,175.00
6185 11/13/13 3-Officer Attending Training 345.00
                      3-Officer Attending Training 345.00
6137 11/12/13 1-Add Mobile Client & Support 1,540.00
6128 11/12/13 1-Meals 46.57
                      1-Gas 35.01
                      1-Room Fee 457.80
6023 10/30/13 4-V-Series LED lights 648.00
                                            Shipping 6.67
5947 10/22/13 1-GPS & K9 Equipment 582.30
5946 10/22/13 1-TM-5502-PPC-CV-2008 543.00
5935 10/21/13 6-Inv MV-092267 Start Pro 532.56
1-Inv MV-092273 Hot/Pop Ant 95.00
1-Inv MV-092488 Gun Rack K9 195.00
                                         TOTAL: $27,468.74

January 13, 2014 – April 14, 2014

7677 4/14/14 Leadership Seminar $ 212.00
                     Leadership Seminar 213.00
7575 4/04/14 2-Poly Window Protectors Unit 1&4 320.60
                  2-Poly Door Guard Panels Unit 1&4 329.00
                  1-Return for Credit/Screen -343.37
7574 4/04/14 2-Install WatchGuard-4 Units 1&4 600.00
                    Forfeiture Funds 50% match -300.00
7533 3/31/14 1-Room Fee 3-day Hampden PS 124.43
                    1-Room Fee 3-day Hampden PS 124.02
                    Cost Split 50/50 ProfDev/Forfeiture -124.23
7445 3/24/14 1-Dell Optiplex 7010 Computer 843.00
7303 3/07/14 1-Glock AUTO Model 23 409.00
                  40 Cal Gen4 with 3-13 Round Magazines
7242 2/28/14 2-Transport Seat with/OS belt U1&4 920.00
6856 1/21/14 1-4RE Hardware/Software 6,430.00
                  For 4RE In-Car Camera System
                  50/50 Grant with MeBHS -3,215.00
6767 1/13/14 1-Billing resolved regarding the 320.80
Purchase new tasers

                                        TOTAL: $6,863.26

TOTAL BOTH PAGES: $34,332.00


If you remember correctly, Chief Brooks received $71,750.78 from the Federal government and another $983.00 from the state in forfeiture funds. This is a total of $72,733.78 of forfeiture funds available to be spent STRICTLY within the Lisbon Police Department. The attached document is a listing of all the purchases made by Chief Brooks, without the approval of the Town Council, so far. As you can see, Chief Brooks still has enough remaining funds to replace the police cruisers he is asking for this year, without having the taxpayers pay anything for them. You see, the Town council is still considering replacing three vehicles this year in the Municipal Budget. To me, this is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Chief Brooks had the funds to replace the cruisers he told us last October he was going to do and now he wants US to pay for these vehicles. Also, one of the vehicles he wants to replace had a brand new motor put in it less than a year ago but he wants the taxpayers to replace it, WHY!

If you look at this list of “toys for the boys”, you will see an item costing over $4,999.00 which is required by the Town Purchasing Policy to go out for formal bid. Also, none of these items ever came before the Town Council. So please tell me, how is the town council suppose to know what Chief Brooks really needs and what funds are going to pay for them. For the Town Council to even consider purchasing any vehicles for the Police Department is totally ludicrous and an injustice to the citizens of Lisbon. Chief Brooks made his decision and he alone should have to live with it. To saddle the taxpayers of this town with additional spending, is outrageous of the Town Council.

Someone needs to put a stop to Chief Brooks spending funds as he see fit, without going through the Town Council, this is a violation of our Town Charter. I am not saying Chief Brooks cannot spend the forfeiture funds but he should make the council aware of what the forfeiture funds are being spend on in order to make a decision on the Police Department budget.

The taxpayers do not deserve to continually be screwed by a Police Chief who is out of control with his spending.

Larry Fillmore

P.S. These figures were provided by the Town.

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