Saturday, June 21, 2014

Deputies Drag Woman Out of Car for Trying to View Name Tag

San Diego sheriff's deputies dragged a woman out of her car during a traffic stop, claiming she had battered one of them, when all she did was lift his emergency vest to see his name tag.

The incident, caught on a deputy's body cam, exposes the bullying arrogance that appears to have become the norm these days with law enforcement officers. They truly believe they are untouchable.

A CBS 8 article two days later stated that Bana Mouwakeh, initially pulled over for speeding, was ultimately charged with battery and resisting arrest. The deputy, Agustin Rosas Verion, said he had to drag her out of the car and handcuff her because otherwise, she may have “initiated a pursuit situation, endangering her and the general public.”

But the video doesn’t show any of that, so it’s surprising they even released the video, which becomes another example of police will use “safety” to justify violence and abuse of power.As for

Deputy Verion, in his report he says Mouwakeh repeatedly yelled at him when he asked for her license and registration. He called the touch willful and unlawful force against him. He also said he arrested her so she couldn’t flee the scene and had he not, she could have “initiated a pursuit situation, endangering her and the general public.” 

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