Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chicago now charging innocent people 'arrest fees' simply for being arrested


(NaturalNews) Bureaucrats from the city of Chicago are scraping for ways to raise extra money to cope with burdensome deficits. Villages within city limits are strapped for cash. The projected deficit for the city of Chicago in 2014 is $339 million.

Solving budget deficits by empowering police with new fundraising methods

According to the Chicago Tribune, if Mayor Emmanuel can't find a way to close the $339 million budget gap, deficits may spike to $1 billion by 2015. With Chicago government leading the nation in irresponsible behavior, it's no surprise that they are turning to desperate measures to keep the money flowing in.

One village in Chicago enacted a plan to charge innocent people "arrest fees." This new fee of $30 is to be levied against all arrestees. This welcomes a police culture that insists on arresting more innocents to fulfill monthly quotas. Officers will be empowered with new fundraising methods. Officers will find more excuses to put cuffs on people to bring in more money for the village or city. This will cause an increase in false arrest schemes, which happen more often now than ever. Police are capable of planting false paraphernalia to intimidate and arrest innocents, hustling money from them.

Class action lawsuit challenging "arrest fees"

The arrest fee was upheld in early 2014 by a panel of judges, but a recent class action lawsuit filed by Jerry Markadonatos against the village of Woodridge challenges this idea.

Jerry states that the $30 arrest fee can be imposed regardless of probable cause, violating arrestees' due process rights.

The class action lawsuit brought discussion of the "arrest fee" back to the table. In recent oral arguments, Richard Posner, the 7th Circuit's Judge said it was "ridiculous" to charge a person simply for being arrested.

Judge Diane Wood stood up and said that innocent people could be charged.

Judges stray off course and talk about the affordability of the arrest fee

Some panel members disregarded principle altogether, straying completely off course, arguing whether or not the fee was affordable.
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