Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Yes Vote On Any Of The Bonds ---- Is A Vote For HIgher Taxes

In 4 days Lisbon Residents will go to the polls and decide whether they want  a New Public Works Building, Gym  and/or School Track.  All of these projects have merit.  Our kids deserve  a new Gym and Track and we definitely could use a new Public Works building.   The only problem is  these bonds will substantially raise our taxes.  

For the last four years we have been under going a total reevaluation of Lisbon's properties. This reevaluation will be completed next Spring/Summer and will be reflected in the 2015 tax bill.  It is my belief, some of the older properties in Town that haven't had an actual reevaluation in years will be in for a big surprise.  These property owners may experience a significant increase in their tax bill.  

I shudder to think what will happen to the owners of these older properties when they get the triple whammy from the reevaluation, coupled with another increase to cover any bonds, plus any additional tax increases due to this years budget.  

It has been estimated that if all the bonds pass a person with a home valued at $100,000 will see an increase in taxes of about $175 dollars. What happens to that same person's tax bill if the homeowner suddenly finds out that their home is really worth $150,000 dollars? This increase in valuation along with the added increase in bond share ($175 to $245}would dramatically increase this persons tax bill.   

Our Town's leadership is right, we should have a new Gym, Public Works Building and Track and if we were in a better financial position I would gladly vote for all 3 of these bonds, but with the looming uncertainty of the reevaluation I find it irresponsible to vote for any of these bonds.  

Many Lisbon Residents are struggling with their taxes as evidenced by their late or delinquent payments. A tax increase at this time could cost some of them (our neighbors) their homes and add others to the delinquency list.

For years the professionals (Economic Development, Previous Town Manager, Councilors and Consultants) have all agreed that Lisbon's biggest problem in attracting new business is our high tax rate. What do you think an increase in taxes will do to that struggle? I can guarantee you an increase in taxes will have a detrimental effect on our ability to attract new business.

Lisbon can be likened to person who has missed a couple of their mortgage payments but then, in a weak moment, goes out and buys a new Lexus  just because they want one.  

Lisbon can't spend it's way into prosperity. The easiest way to improve our tax problem, attract new business and finance these projects is  by cutting excessive spending most of which is in our Public Safety Department.

Joe Hill


  1. They have big ones to even ask us to spend more money. Our taxes are outrageous. I will never pass any spending bond as long as they refuse to cut back the damn PD.

  2. Good points-- raising the taxes will definitely chase away new business. We cant have it all. We can either have a big PD or a gym and track. I want the new gymnasium but I dont want to raise my taxes.

  3. the Police department is the size for a city of Boston, we do not need this here in Lisbon.

  4. That may be a little exaggerated but we certainly have a PD. the size of a town of 30,000 or three times our size.